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Privacy Policy

Hardhatoil-gas.com is the Web site for Hardhat Incorporated and their Daily Field Application, Quantity Tracking and Job Cost Accounting Software. Hardhat can be reached via email at support@hardhatinc.net or by calling 800-733-4671.


Hardhat is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our Web site. When you visit Hardhatoil-gas.com, our server automatically collects only your domain name (for example, "aol.com, ibm.com," etc.) and the type of Web browser software that you use. Hardhat does not acquire your e-mail address or other information without your knowledge. The information that Hardhat collects about your domain name and browser is used to help Hardhat improve the content and functionality of its Web site.


Hardhat's Web server may ask your Web browser to store a "cookie," which is a small piece of information that the Web server uses to keep track of various user preferences. Cookies are not used to save or retrieve any sensitive data about visitors to Hardhatoil-gas.com. If you supply Hardhat with a postal address or e-mail address by completing an online form, you may receive periodic mailings from Hardhat regarding either orders you have placed or information about new products and services or upcoming events. Hardhat will not share your telephone number or e-mail addresses with other companies.